Enterprise Owner Comments

If you really want me to go into the ‘component parts’ – yes, I could say “the base is like a rock”, “it’s transparent – clear as a bell”, or “the timing is spot-on” or “the dynamics, and the sheer enormity of the sound stage are stunning”. Okay, it IS all of those things. It’s stupendous. It literally blows away anything I have heard to date.
Bari, Luxembourg

“It’s bank holiday Monday evening and I’ve had a chance to listen to my new Sovereign turntable with Enterprise tonearm, and I know it’s only early days, but I felt compelled to tell you that only a few days in and I’m experiencing pure audio nirvana.

I now know why you named your company Origin Live, having previously been in bands myself, and enjoying listening to live music, I have been trying for many years to get close to how I know instruments sound, and how a band sounds on stage, but have always felt I was presented with an ever weakening facsimile of the real thing.

Well, my search is now over, and at have to say that I can only imagine the effort in research, testing, thinking, planning etcetera, that you must have put in to arrive at producing this incredible product.

As an example, I have listened so many times to Dave Brubeck’s Take Five at so many demonstrations and shows, that I’d cringe as I saw it coming out of the sleeve. However, only a few bars in on the Enterprise and I’ve fallen in love with the album again. The Enterprise simply places the music in front of me, no forcing, no false presentation, no mimicry, no facsimile, just as it should be, so that, even with limited amount of instruments being played I can fully appreciate the skill of each musician as they weave the soundscape in front of me. Absolutely stunning.

And the stunner for me was my wife, who never comments on things ‘Hi-Fi’, telling me how great the sound is, that was the litmus test!

Thank you so much, you have made me a very happy man!”
Jeff King