Silver Tonearm Review Quotes

“Timing is an area where this arm excels; its sound has a next-to-no overhang, and the result is an extremely propulsive rendition of the music. The Redskins’ Lean On Me is a great piece of early eighties punk-tinged funk that can sound flat with most budget tonearms, but not so here. The Silver Mk4 really got into the groove, catching the scratchy rhythm guitar work with aplomb and locking it on to the funky bass guitar work and old school, loosely tensioned snare drum strikes. The music lilted along, building up to a climax that was further augmented by the recording’s soaring brass stabs.”
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David Price, StereoNet

“Incredibly smooth, natural and organic, just cuts to the quick. I could go on forever about its insight, liquidity, grip and low level detail resolution, but I won’t. Suffice to say that this is probably the best tonearm in the world right now, and the price tag is laughably low. The Silver (MK1) is… the very best tonearm I’ve ever heard… awesomely tight bottom end, glass-clear midband, fantastic image precision, walkaround soundstaging and incredible timbral realism… open and airy up top. Words can’t express how good this is. One of the designs of the decade.” – Read the full review >
Hi-Fi World

“Origin Live’s Mark Baker continues his worldwide dominance of tonearm design with this extensive reworking of the already superb Silver. Retaining the original’s superb timing, rhythm, bass control, and articulation, the new MKII adds a substantially more neutral midband and top end, able to integrate the typical rising high frequency response of moving coil cartridges coherently and without edge. Capable of great nuance and extreme subtlety, the Silver MKII also has great authority, drive and control, yielding an exceptionally deep communication of all music’s meaning.” – Read the full review >
Stereo Times

“There may be better value propositions around to upgrade your system but if there is I haven’t heard them… A fantastic product then from Origin Live and this particular audiophile’s dream review tool.” – Read the full review >
TNT Audio

“A terrific arm, a terrific bargain, and obviously, the highest of recommendations” – Read the full review >
Stereo Times, Most wanted component of the year

“This latest Silver Mk4 offers a great sound for the money, with a very clean, open, three-dimensional soundstage, plus great musical timing and fine dynamics. It’s hard not to like for the money.”
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“I have fitted my new (Silver) tonearm and can now see why you were so excited about it. It gives a very clear focus to my music, the stereo effect is superb and the response is incredible. All the instruments in each piece I played have a new vibrancy about them. To say that I am very pleased with it would be an understatement. It was also extremely easy to fit and set up. It has only after such a short time given a new meaning to vinyl listening for me. Thank you for your advice.” – Read more owner comments >
R Warrom, UK

“Two years ago I bought a Gyro SE with a Rega 600 arm and Ortofon Roman cartridge. This again, was a huge step up (from my Linn Axis). Recently I have purchased your Silver arm. I put it on my Gyro with the Ortofon cartridge and was completely blown away. I was amazed at how much better vinyl playback could still get. Every aspect of the music was improved with no compromise. Over the years I have made many improvements (some very costly) to my system, but this arm is by far the biggest improvement I have ever made.” – Read more owner comments >
J Stratton, Vancouver, Canada