Silver Tonearm Owner Comments

“I wanted to give you some feedback! I just upgraded from your Silver to the Illustrious. I had never heard the arm before so it was a leap of faith…. but based on what an enormous jump it was from my rega 600 to the silver i was pretty confident. When i was originally looking for a new arm i had my heart set on the Ekos which i had listened to on my table for over two weeks. The Ekos was the best thing i had heard on my Gyro (bettering a SME 5 in my opinion) by a large margin.In the end the Ekos was too rich for my blood so i went for the Silver. The Silver was and is a nice improvement over the Ekos……..i was very pleasantly surprised……i purchased it for the price and got a superior product. So i went from the best arm i have heard on my deck to a new arm(Illustrious) WOW……..I have discovered a new format……SALP!! The value of this arm is off the scale. By the way according to your estimated break in time i’m not even there yet…….I only have had it on my deck for a couple of days (8-10 hours)


The thing that most impresses me about your company is knowing each product up the ladder will be an improvement over the next model……this is something i don’t think you always get. I can think of numerous speaker lines where i like the middle child or even the youngest child over the so called “statement” products”-
With respect
John Stratton, Vancouver, Canada

“I have fitted my new (Silver) tonearm and can now see why you were so excited about it. It gives a very clear focus to my music, the stereo effect is superb and the response is incredible. All the instruments in each piece I played have a new vibrancy about them. To say that I am very pleased with it would be an understatement. It was also extremely easy to fit and set up. It has only after such a short time given a new meaning to vinyl listening for me. Thank you for your advice.”
R Warrom, UK

“The MC Bee loves the Origin Live Silver arm and reveals what a great arm it is in a way that the low compliance Denon 103 never could during the review period. With the right cartridge — like the 47 Lab MC Bee– the Origin Live Silver tonearm is phenomenal and makes me realize what a bargain it truly is at its asking price.”
6 Moons Magazine Best of 2005 award