Sovereign Turntable Owner Comments

I felt compelled to write to you after my experience of hearing the Origin Live Sovereign record deck on Saturday last, at the Bristol Hi-Fi show (Feb 2018). I was the guy who visited you three times during the day ……  I have been looking at replacing my Linn LP12 for the last three years now, but have not found anything that surpasses it to the degree that would warrant the expense. Until I heard the Sovereign on Saturday.

Trying to find appropriate adjectives to describe what I heard and my emotional response to it, has been difficult. The best I could come up with is beguiling, enthralled and captivated. Rather than describing timing, soundstage, quality of engineering, etcetera, it is the result of these attributes that were responsible for my emotional reaction and what makes me so desirable of this masterful deck. I could reel off all sorts of features about this deck that make it so superb, but for me, it’s the sound and how that translates into feeling, that is the most critical element.

I would like to thank you and your son for spending time to explain the various engineering accomplishments that have gone into the development of your products, which can clearly be seen in the end product. It’s also evident that you both have a passion and a determination to strive for ’best’ rather than just ’okay’. I cannot part with my hard earned money without having a sense that the people I’m buying from care about their products and about my experience, and you certainly do.

Every time I came into your listening room someone commented that it was the best sounding room in the show, so I knew I wasn’t alone in my opinion, and you are to be commended on this primarily as the environment was not the most conducive for demonstrating Hi-Fi.
Jeff King

…I feel compelled to stop what I’m doing and drop you a line just to say WOW! Wow is about all I can say to describe the sound at the moment, my son Ben and I just couldn’t stop listening to it last night. It draws you in the second you start to play something and then nothing else really seems to matter after that. A massive thanks to you, Luke and all at OL for making this possible.
Kind regards, Paul Carter

With the Sovereign and Conqueror everything has snapped into place, my amplifiers have never sounded so good and I never really appreciated just how good the Helikon really was. The turntable and arm are really eye catching, the build quality is excellent and the arm is a joy to use. I would recommend this turntable and arm without reservation to other music lovers looking for a turntable or arm upgrade. This will be my final turntable but one that I know I will be very happy with.
John Kopec