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“The best turntable ever tested in the 25 years of the magazine”Read More – Full Review >
AV Audio (High End Magazine, Brazil)

“The purity of the sound is such, that I’m forced to believe that the damping and isolation measures implemented by Origin Live are dramatically effective. The bass is powerful, tight but but never overly damped.” – Read More – Full Review >
Fedelta Del Suono

“The sound appears to be huge and beautifully spread through the vast soundstage, while bass is deep, tuneful and punchy.” – Read More – Full Review >
What Hi-Fi

“In most cases, this is an impressive recording, but occasionally, when the turntable is outstanding, the sound takes on a kind of enveloping energy that makes it impossible to turn off until the very end.” – Read More – Full Review >

Trying to find appropriate adjectives to describe what I heard and my emotional response to it, has been difficult. The best I could come up with is beguiling, enthralled and captivated” – Read More – Owner Comment >
Jeff King, Owner Comment

“The Soverign MK4 Turntable was reviewed in the 25th Anniversary issue of the AVMAG and now it is the best turntable ever reviewed in the magazine.
“TOP 5 – Turntables
  • Origin Live Sovereign MK4 – 112 pontos (Estado da Arte Superlativo) – Timeless Audio – Ed.273
  • Basis Debut – 104 pontos (Estado da Arte Superlativo) – Ferrari Technologies – Ed.196
  • Acoustic Signature Storm MkII – 103,5 pontos (Estado da Arte Superlativo) – Performance AV Systems Ltda. – Ed.257
  • Transrotor Rondino – 103 pontos (Estado da Arte Superlativo) – Logical Design – Ed.186
  • Timeless Audio Ceres – 99 pontos (Estado da Arte) – Timeless Audio – Ed.269
This news was emailed to us by Timeless Audio in Brazil on 7th June 2021