Cartridge Enabler Review by Tony Sharman (Reviewer for Hi-Fi Magazines)

This new addition to the Origin Live accessories range is another must for every turntable, forget what you have been told about bolting a cartridge tightly into a headshell, that really is “old hat” if you gasket the cartridge, you seriously reduce the micro vibration that is transmitted to the tone arm bearings. This means the cartridge is much freer to work without interference, but the gasket must be made of the correct material, this one is. The cartridge bolts are just pinched up so it doesn’t move , follow these rules and the rewards are truly awesome. We have tested this on a variety of cartridges and tonearms with results that suggest an upgrade similar to doubling the cost of the items. As a for instance, with the Cartridge Enabler attached, an ageing Audio Technica OC9 seriously took on a brand new Benz Micro Glider and didn’t embarrass itself, that is £320 + £19 against £895 I call that value for money.