Cartridge Enabler Reviews

“With the Cartridge Enabler attached, an ageing Audio Technica OC9 seriously took on a brand new Benz Micro Glider and didn’t embarrass itself, that is £320 + £19-00 against £895-00. I call that value for money.” Read the full review >
Tony Sharman (Reviewer for Hi-Fi Magazines)

“Enhanced sound quality by the bag full, whether you’re looking at a high-end system or a simpler budget design or anything in between. The Cartridge Enabler improves overall sonic quality across the frequency spectrum. In fact, the Origin Live Cartridge Enabler is one of those ‘no brainer’ add ons.
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The Audiophile Man (Professional Reviewer)

“Just listening to British Steel after fitting your cartridge enabler. Haven’t even sorted weight or arm height, and the difference is astonishing. Thanks” Read more owner comments >
Mark Crabtree

“…it represents fantastic value for the improvement it delivers, at least to my ears and in my system. I’ve had far less effective vinyl upgrades for much more money.” Read the full review >

Owner Comments

“I just wanted to pass on my hearty thanks for the cartridge enabler. I have to be honest when I got it out of the pack my initial thoughts were ‘is that it… glad I didn’t buy the cartridge man’s isolator at five times the price!

My Pink Triangle / RB250 / Dynavector 10×5 combo has never been bass shy but drums and bass guitar have now taken on a much more believable character since fitting the enabler. My vinyl rig is now making easy work of presenting the music in a deep, wide soundstage with string / reed / percussion instruments revealing new subtleties not present or even noticed before. Singers have been released from the weight of multi layered recordings and previously overblown sibilant ‘sss’ sounds have been completely tamed.

I was toying with upgrading the arm or cartridge but this teeny weeny bit of magic material has given me much better reason keep my money for yet more vinyl, whilst enjoying the summer going back through all my favourite albums again and again and again.” Read more owner comments >

“OK, I was a sceptic, I didn’t really think I would hear any difference. Are you a bunch of Wizards or something? Is some sort of arcane magic involved?

The difference on my very modest system is really quite astounding, everything is crisper and clearer and it sounds so much better….even through my hearing aids. Many thanks for improving my entire listening experience.” Read more owner comments >
Bert Poodle

“The cartridge Enabler arrived in Fridays post and was promptly fitted between my Goldring 1042 cartridge and the Origin Live silver tonearm. I have to admit I was very sceptical that something the size of my thumbnail could make much difference it certainly didn’t look much for an outlay of approximately €25 . I recently upgraded one of the interconnects between my cd player and amp at a cost of some € 900 and was delighted with the result but the “Enabler ” gave a similar jump in performance to my record deck at a fraction of that cost. This is one very satisfied customer . Perhaps sometime in the future I will be in a position to purchase one of your record decks because if they are in line with the two Items I have already purchased from Origin Live I will be very pleased.” Read more owner comments >

“So far, very happy with it, better than the 3 washers. Tracks well, stereo image good, bass more a musical sounding note. Used Ortofon test disc to eliminate wobble you get from subsonic resonance of tonearm by adding mass I.e. blu-tack. You must be working round the clock!” Read more owner comments >
N.T. Dunning (has the Ultra dc motor).

“Just fitted the enabler and, wow! What a difference. Only played a couple of albums, Dire Straits and Pink Floyd, amazing, much more detailed.” Read more owner comments >

“I just received the Origin Live cartridge Enabler  and my first impressions are very positive.

At first i was a bit sceptic about such a “ tiny” thing having an improvement on the sound. But after installing it on my Origin Live Silver mk3c arm i listened to quite a few records and now i hear more silence and blacker background in the music. It seem as i don’t need to open up the volume.
So very pleased with this €34 upgrade! Read more owner comments >

Thanks a lot and looking forward to more of such innovations from Origin Live.” Read more owner comments >
Glenn Ilahi

“I couldn’t believe all the detail, clarity and timbre that I was hearing for the first time. Like looking at a street lamp in the dark with smudged specs, then cleaning them with a microfibre cloth and seeing the difference! I wonder what other hidden value we have in our turntables through using enhancements?!
The service from Origin Live is to be complimented on especially with regard to quickly responding to e-mailed inquiries, thus another satisfied client!” Read more owner comments >
Dave Parmee

“I just received the Cartridge Enabler and wanted to tell you how much of a difference it’s making on my Clearaudio turntable. Everything is cleaner and clearer, with silent backgrounds, tidied-up bass and less grunge between me and the music. For years I wondered why no one seemed to be addressing the interface between cartridge and headshell/tonearm; it seemed such a critical junction for vibration to get into the cartridge. So I was thrilled to find that you were looking at that and had a solution that is affordable and immensely effective.
Thank you for thinking differently and for making my music more musical..”
Mark Cherrington

“Just need to let you know the difference in adding these two items to my lp12 is absolutely astounding.

I can’t believe the improvement it has made for such a small investment. I was a bit sceptical about buying these thinking I would never hear the difference, but as I had an Amazon voucher I went ahead with the purchase, and I am so glad I did – it is like I have a new record collection. Vocals were crisper and stood out more, orchestral parts did not blend together, and all these other sayings you read in audio reviews. Just amazing.
Thanks again.”
Graeme (Platter Mat & Cartridge Enabler)