Well Tempered Turntable Motor and Power Supply Upgrade

Before getting started on your well tempered turntable motor installation, note that the completed project will retain the original looks, except that the top plate will be a couple of millimeters higher, which can be adjusted by raising the plinth with the adjustable feet. The TALL, LARGER DIAMETER OL pulley is required, but DO NOT install the pulley before installing the motor. Read carefully BEFORE starting to get a firm grasp of the details and the tools needed. This project is fairly easy and straightforward. Notes by Jim Garity

Removal Of The Original Well Tempered Turntable Motor

  1. Remove well tempered turntable motor pulley by gently, but firmly pulling up by hand. If this fails, use a flat blade screwdriver with the blade placed under the pulley and twist. Put a piece of single ply cardboard on the plate to avoid scratching it.
  2. Cut the AC cord a couple of inches after the built-in line conditioner. (Clarification- cut on the motor side of the conditioner, not the plug side.)
  3. Remove the 4 Allen head bolts and the top plate. Unsolder the wires for the switch. Pull the old motor, plastic insert (if any) and AC cord out of the lead base.

Prepping The OL Motor

  1. With a razor blade knife, trim the excess plastic casing sleeve from the bottom of the motor so that the sleeve is flush with the bottom of the motor. Notch out a spot on both sides of the sleeve so the conductor tabs can be bent outwards and flush with the bottom of the motor. (In other words, bend the tabs back 180 degrees into the notches created.)
  2. Mark the motor on the side where the white-striped wire is connected and unsolder both wires.

Installing The Motor

  1. Feed the wire leads through the lead base, tie a stopper knot a couple of inches from the end and re-solder onto the motor.
  2. Cut out a circular piece of thin rubber (such as an old bicycle inner tube) to fit on the bottom of the inside of the lead base and a second piece of rubber slightly larger the top of the motor. Cut a small hole in the second piece for the motor shaft.
  3. Install the rubber on the bottom of base, center the bottom of the motor on the base, put the second piece of rubber on top of the motor, place the top plate on, install the screws and gently & EVENLY tighten. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN. Top plate should be level with the top of the motor. Re-check that the motor shaft is centered in the plate hole.
  4. Install the pulley by gently pressing in place. Place the assembly in the table, install the belt and let it run for three to four days, then come back to re-tighten screws. Note that by adjusting the torque, more or less vibration can be felt. Adjust till the vibration just barely goes away. The rubber pieces may initially compress, so re-adjustment of the screws may be occasionally necessary. If there is a knocking sound that goes away when the belt is removed, the pulley is not fully pressed on.