Tony Sharman Record Weight Review

“This new addition to the Origin Live accessories range is a must for every turntable, we have all seen record weights before, but not like this one, machine turned from solid banded oak with a machined lead infil , contact with the record is via the same material found in the award winning turntable mat. The specialy shaped disc has a diameter of 80 mm, to clear even the largest cartridge bodies. Weight is approx 400grams or 15 ounces which should not upset a suspended deck but it would be as well to check the level with the weight in place. The major effects of the record weight, is to kid the disc that it is much thicker and flatter than it really is, this manifests itself in increased detail, much sharper focus and a deeper cleaner base line. I could go into great detail as to why this occurs, which would explain the intricasies of it’s manufactured shape and choice of materials. Suffice it to say, it works better than most, and certainly at this price point cannot be bettered. There is but one way to find out it’s true abilities.”
Tony Sharman (Reviewer 15th December 2018)