Tony Sharman Record Weight Review

I have been in the enviable position to test and comment on a great deal of Origin Live products, most of which I have purchased for my own and my customers uses, and over the last 25 years have fostered a growing respect for the dedication and diligence that has produced some really outstanding products, one of which now stands out as truly ground breaking.

The Gravity 1 record stabiliser, previous incarnations have been record weights and they worked very well, but over time it became evident that they had subtle limitations mostly to do with speed and impact in the bass region, but only with certain record decks, if you bought these and are happy with them, great that’s what it’s all about, enjoyment of music.

The Gravity 1 is a complete rethink in terms of materials and operation, instead of clamping the disk to the platter, which by the way will assist transmission of bearing noise to the cartridge, it is designed to absorb the unwanted micro vibrations that playing a record produces. It is very difficult to put into words what this stabiliser actually does, but very easy to appreciate the overall improvement in the music reproduction. Bass is faster,deeper and what is very evident is the instrument(s)that produced it, that statement can sound silly, you need to hear it to appreciate the comment.

Soundstage is an area which is so immediately improved that it almost defies logic, the listening room just got bigger and the amount of silent space around instruments and and artists is palpable, this has got something to do with the increase in detail that was previously hidden amongst the various vibrational influences that the Gravity 1 very successfully cancels out. To sum up I don’t pretend to know why this thing works, only that it does (and how!) it will give a totally new and fresh insight into what was originally recorded so much so that recordings you thought you knew, you didn’t know at all. The system used has other Origin Live components that were all purchased to enhance sound quality, they all work, this is the icing on the cake. (MK2)
Tony Sharman.

“This new addition to the Origin Live accessories range is a must for every turntable, we have all seen record weights before, but not like this one, machine turned from solid banded oak with a machined lead infil , contact with the record is via the same material found in the award winning turntable mat. The specialy shaped disc has a diameter of 80 mm, to clear even the largest cartridge bodies. Weight is very light and will not upset a suspended deck but it would be as well to check the level with the weight in place. The major effects of the record weight, is to kid the disc that it is much thicker and flatter than it really is, this manifests itself in increased detail, much sharper focus and a deeper cleaner base line. I could go into great detail as to why this occurs, which would explain the intricasies of it’s manufactured shape and choice of materials. Suffice it to say, it works better than most, and certainly at this price point cannot be bettered. There is but one way to find out it’s true abilities.” (MK1)

Tony Sharman (Reviewer 15th December 2018)