Record Weight Reviews

“ it will give a totally new and fresh insight into what was originally recorded so much so that recordings you thought you knew, you didn’t know at all” Read More – Full Review
Tony Sharman (Reviewer for Hi-Fi Magazines)

“This upgrade could be roughly compared to doubling the cost of any component in your stereo system.” Read More – Full Review >
10 Audio, 2020

“…the Gravity One is all about noise reduction, adding discipline to all frequencies, opening up the soundstage, infusing it with air, detail and clarity. As I say, I thought my own hi-fi had reached a state of perfection. Perfection in its price range maybe, but within those limits yes, perfection. Then the Origin Live Gravity One toddled along and proved me wrong. I was very happy to be put in my place by this little accessory. And no, Origin Live, you can’t have it back. Now I’ve heard what this thing does…” Read More > Full Review
Paul Rigby, The Audiophile Man, 2020

“With the Gravity One, there is an unmistakable cleaning up of the pounding lower frequencies, which sound punchier, tighter and extended deeper than normal.” Hi-Fi Choice, February 2021 Read the full review >

Owner Comments

“… your record clamp works well and I’ve used/heard many, this one improves all aspects – the others masked/muddled some area of the vinyl and I stopped using them till now.”
Ron, Owner Comment