Who is The DC Motor Kit For?

Wherever you live in the world, this kit will work as we supply the correct transformer for your mains supply.

If your turntable is belt-drive you will be able to fit the kit. You do not need to ask whether the kit will fit or upgrade your deck, because once you receive the parts, all becomes clear. We receive hardly any calls asking how to fit a kit once it is with an owner, simply because it is unnecessary. Any risk on your part is also removed by the no quibble, money-back-guarantee should you not be able to fit the kit (less than 0.5%).

The motor will run any platters up to 30kgs in weight through a belt running on the sub-platter or directly on the platter rim.

Decks in excess of £30,000 have been upgraded using this supply – don’t be fooled by massive class A amplifiers driving large expensive motors, this laughably small supply still outperforms them. It is reported from owners of all decks, from high end to budget, that the kits produce phenomenal and shocking improvements.

Repairing Defective Decks – the kits are very useful not only as an upgrade but also for repairing decks with broken motors or power supplies that would otherwise be unusable. For example, Oracle owners have acquired the Advanced DC Motor Kit at a third of the price Oracle would charge for a new motor, and found it to be a considerable improvement.

All types of belt and pulley size – the variable speed adjustment enables this motor kit to be universal in its application. The pulley is designed to run with flat or round section belts – the list goes on, but rest assured this kit has been extremely thoroughly developed.

Easy to Fit

We have easy-to-follow instructions on how to fit a DC Motor Kit. If your particular deck is not listed or does not have associated instructions, there are general fitting notes provided.

If you prefer to avoid fitting the motor yourself, then you can always use a local Hi-Fi shop knowledgeable about turntables. The drive upgrades are available through shops and there are many specialist dealers who can install the kit for you if required. A labor charge will probably be involved, but the total investment is still far less than the cost of other products.

Is the kit worth the outlay on a lower priced deck? Many Rega owners say that the kit has utterly transformed the performance of their deck. Other owners of budget decks also testify to being deeply impressed by the results.