Upgrading your Rega Tonearm

If you wish to upgrade your Rega Tonearm there are a number of factors to consider and they boil down to 2 options.

Factors are:

  • Budget
  • How much improvement you want

Options are:

  • To Upgrade your current Rega arm
  • To part exchange it for an Origin Live arm – These start at the Alliance £295 and seriously improve further up the range.

If you already have a Rega arm then you can get a brilliant improvement by investing in the Origin Live structural modification to the rear stub and counterweight around £87. Rewiring will further improve things. This is discussed and reviewed on the pages Rega Tonearm modifications.

Although the Origin Live modifications to all Rega arms are extremely effective in raising it’s performance they still don’t come close to something like an Origin Live Alliance arm at £295 or better still, Onyx (£450) or Silver (£675).

If you want the most serious and cost effective upgrade in the long run then part exchange your arm for an Origin Live arm. The benefits are not only an enormous improvement to performance but cost savings over the years in terms of the ability to run cheaper cartridges and still get better performance. This is covered in more detail in the link What makes a better tonearm.