Our Values and Philosophy

We aim high and this is reflected in Our Values and Philosophy:

  • Class-leading sound  – Whether high end or more affordable, products must exceed market expectations and deliver a significant upgrade to your listening experience.
  • Value for money – Outstanding innovation, engineering and sound quality take precedence over marketing to deliver best value possible. We also do not favor discounting which means you actually get better value for money as described in our article on discounting.
  • Design priorities – Many offer showy engineering to solve relatively insignificant problems whilst ignoring major issues related to sound quality. Origin Live concentrate on the areas we’ve found to matter most sonically. For example, tonearms can have arrays of spring-loaded dials which look impressive but degrade sound quality through structural resonance. Turntables can have massive platters with fantastic measured speed stability. The problem is that their mass and speed stability cannot overcome motor jitter. This is generally unmeasured and ignored, leading to far greater sound degradation than a little speed drift.
  • Original research – To advance the art of music reproduction requires leading research and development. Origin Live products do not always follow the crowd, but emanate from a great deal of investment in original research that ignores industry dogmas and conventional thinking.
  • Owner satisfaction – We rely on word-of-mouth recommendations for our ongoing reputation, so customer satisfaction is paramount and ranks among our proudest achievements.
  • Affordable prices – To make superb sound accessible to as many people as possible, the technology from our cost no object designs is trickled down to  designs which provide unbelievable sound quality at affordable prices.