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History of Model MKs & Serial Numbers

Due to the pace of progress in the early days of the company there are gaps in documentation. These pages may however provide some help.

Turntable Documentation

MK4 Turntables

Introduced Dec 2017 – The first Major change is the Light speed control (LSC) which introduces absolute speed control along with significantly increased performance. LSC is easily identified from the platter which has a 50mm (approx) silver strip on the underside.

Secondly, a new fully balanced specially wound small upgrade transformer is introduced for all turntables below the Sovereign ( which has a better version). This lowers mains corruption and reduces impedance over the wallwarts used previously. Performance improvement is very obvious to the ear.

Other improvements include a better bearing and subchassis design. The new subchassis design includes a seperate armboard and superior plate material.

MK3-1 Turntables

Introduced April 2016 – The new decks are designated  “MK3-1” on their label to supersede the MK3. The MK3-1 includes a costly new motor upgrade which has significantly improved performance. The new motors increase drive torque between 2 and 4 times that of previous decks.

Subjectively the sound improvement is dramatic with more punch, increased pace, dynamics and slam in the bass. Because the new motors are smoother running, resolution and all other aspects are also improved. The first reviewer to receive a new motor was highly impressed. Owners have also expressed great satisfaction with the upgrade.

The turntable power supply has also been improved to include temperature compensation so speed is now hardly affected by room temperature changes. Allied to this is an increase in load compensation.

The optional upgrade transformer has been dramatically improved using a fully balanced, noise reducing configuration, allied with a purpose built design to improve mains isolation. Marked improvements to all aspects of sound quality are immediately apparent when comparing this with the original transformer. Again the price has risen after maintaining the old one for over 10 years. The new transformers are identified by a “B” (for Balanced) after the Serial number.

Older MK2 & MK3 decks can be upgraded to the new motor and power supply specification. These older decks may be upgraded by dealing directly with Origin Live.

MK3 Turntables

Introduced April 2014 – The MK3 most notably includes an improved bearing and platter. The belt and motor pulley have also been significantly upgraded to give improved sonic performance.

Tonearm Documentation

Tonearm Serial Numbers2017-12-27T10:21:47+00:00
Serial Numbers start at 1000 and were only introduced in May 2007.

Prior to this date you can identify what MK arm you have by following these guidelines.

Serial No. 1000 – all Silver and above arms post serial no. 1000 have a special damping on the tube – this was a relatively minor enhancement giving more bass depth.

From Serial No. 1023 on 13th June 2007 a packing insert was introduced which prevents damage to the dual pivot bearing if badly dropped in transit.

From Serial No. 1086 a new internal pillar style on Enterprise, and arm tube damping, respectively, were introduced.

From Serial No. 2117 a shatterproof bearing on the MK3 arm was brought in (date: 1-10-2007)

How to identify MK1, MK2, Mk3 & Mk3C tonearms2018-03-20T10:50:09+00:00

How to identify MK1, MK2, Mk3 & Mk3C tonearms

If you are uncertain what version of Origin Live tonearm you have the following features make identification easy:

MK1 arms do not have a dowel pin as shown in the photo: this is the definitive difference. Note: some Mk2 arms have a short aluminium sleeve covering the dowel pin. The arm tube is 12.5mm Diameter on MK1 Silvers and 10mm diameter on MK2 Silvers.

MK2 versions are available for the Silver, Encounter, Illustrious, Conqueror

MK3 arm tubes can be lifted by nearly 1mm in the bearing house as there is no conventional gimbal bearing on the horizontal axle.

VTA-Adjuster-Arm-Plate               Headshell-Dowel-MK2

Another distinguishing feature is the integral VTA adjuster wheel shown above.

May 2007 – Mk3 arms were introduced.

MK3C The C represents a special Carbon tube introduced throughout 2009 starting with the Enterprise.

The carbon tubes can be identified by the distinctive headshell joint with the tube.

Linear Flow 2 External Tonearm Cable – a balanced and fully shielded cable was also introduced for all arms as an option but fitted as standard to all Conqueror MK3C and Enterprise MK3C arms.

It is easily identified as it has a black braid covering as opposed to the smooth insulation on the other external cables.

External Silver Hybrid Tonearm Cable

This cable is identifiable by the printed heat shrink on the cable saying “Silver Hybrid”

In November 2017 there was a major major upgrade on Silver hybrid cable – this catapulted the performance of a £450 cable to outperform respected brands in the £4500 region. The easy way to identify the new version is that they were fitted with Black Rhodium GR4 Phono Plugs – unmistakable because GR4 is printed on the plugs. These plugs are the best we have ever encountered but are not the reason for the enormous improvement in sound quality.

In May 2018 the cable was “hum proofed” through the addition of an earth wire option to connect the signal return to earth. This is not an upgrade to performance but a measure to cater for different amplifier designs which can cause hum issues. This is more fully explained in the product description of Silver Hybrid cable.

DC300 Turntable Motor for all decks

Motor Documentation