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Soli-Core Speaker Cable Review by Hi-Fi Answers

Soli-Core Loudspeaker Cable Hi-Fi Answers Review Cable Design's 'Soli-core' cables aren't as cheap as first hoped - but their performance justifies the cost - John Bamford In our March issue we announced the arrival of a new company called Cable Design (now Origin Live) who are marketing speaker cables under the name 'Soli-core'. The


Soli-Core Super Speaker Cables Owner Comments

Soli-Core Super Speaker Cables User Comments Over one in ten users of Soli-core speaker leads can't help writing back or telling us how well they've got on! Reports on performance are extremely positive. Here are just some of them. 'Just a couple of lines to express my full satisfaction with the purchase of your


Ultra Interconnect Cable Review by Stereo Times

Ultra Interconnect Cable Stereo Times Review I'll be honest. I do not like interconnects. Faced with auditioning a snake pit of interconnects writhing in serpentine frenzy, is it unreasonable to yearn for the rosy nostalgic days of all-in-one compact stereos and integrated amps? Audio gear that, while it denied the possibility of improving the


Advanced Interconnect Cable Review by TNT

TNT Audio Review Construction I won't do the obvious and say that this cable is unoriginal, but is about the simplest construction possible. It's make up of a quality copper, multi-stranded twisted pair, insulated with PVC. Over this is a plastic braid to keep things neat and two pairs of high quality aluminium bodied