Silver Hybrid S2 External Tonearm Cable

Silver Hybrid S2 External Tonearm Cable £1,220

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“…the Origin Live Silver Hybrid 2-S phono cable are two extraordinary products. I could live happily long-term with either cable on either of the two phono cartridges used for this review. Both cables are very high resolution and linear sounding, seemingly able to send every sound and nuance on every recording downstream towards the loudspeakers.” Read More – Full Review
Carlos Candeias, 10 Audio

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Silver Hybrid-S External Tonearm Cable

The S version of Silver Hybrid cable shares the same construction and qualities of Silver Hybrid but employs additional treatments to the Silver. This significantly improves performance in terms of a purer, smoother, more natural and articulate sound.
As with Silver Hybrid cable the S version makes a huge difference to any tonearm and is among the best, if not the best tonearm cable available

The result is a wonderfully transparent sound with high degree of definition and separation compared to all exclusively copper cable.