We Recreate the Original Sound

Origin Live is a privately owned British company which specializes in making high value Hi-Fi equipment. Our mission is to reproduce the original sound of live music. We design and manufacture in house in the UK which is a huge advantage for research and development. It also ensures we can lower production costs through production engineering and guarantee the quality of our output.
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Origin Live Record Weight Hi-Fi Accessories upgrade
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Offering the Highest Grade Products

Here at Origin Live we aim to enrich your music with our outstanding range of hi-fi products . We want our tonearms, turntables and upgrades to outperform both your expectations and our rivals. Many customers who experience Origin Live sound become advocates of our brand, leaving us very enthusiastic feedback.

We sincerely hope that you will allow us the opportunity to demonstrate real musical excellence to you, either in our listening room in Southampton, by home audition or by way of one of our specialist retailers.


Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back when you buy direct from us.


World-class equipment from one of the UK’s leading hi-fi manufacturers.


Three Distinct Specialisms

Our high end manufacturing focuses on three main categories of vinyl playback:

  • Tonearms
  • Turntables
  • Upgrades/Accessories

Some stand out upgrades include cables, platter mats, record weights and a new invention: the Cartridge Enabler. Origin Live modifications, upgrade kits and accessories are loved by hands on hi-fi enthusiasts for their affordability and high-end performance.

Our product supply is through retailers and direct mail order. We export is to more than forty countries.


Winner of over fifteen Audio Equipment Awards


We export to more than forty countries around the world.


Dealers in 27 countries who can demonstrate and supply our products.


Product Design, Development & Manufacture

Our product design and manufacture are all performed in-house in the UK. From concept and development, to production and assembly, almost everything is carried out under one roof, helping us to endlessly innovate our products. It also means we can exercise tight quality control and keep our production costs low.  The few sub-contractors we need to use are chosen with the utmost care, for example the ultra-hard plating of our higher range arms is carried out by the same company used by Rolex and Bentley.
origin live prototype record weight made with woodprototype origin live record weight top angle

Record Weight Prototypes 1 & 2

prototype origin live record weight bottom

Record Weight Prototype 3

Gravity One record weight photo by origin live

Gravity One record weight

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We offer home auditioning in the UK. Our system design service gives product recommendations.