The Sovereign is one of the Very Best Turntables Ever Reviewed by What Hi-Fi – 2022

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In 46 Years, many of the best turntables in the world have gone through What Hi-Fi reviews. In April of this year, What Hi-Fi revealed the 16 best turntables they’ve ever heard in their listening rooms. As a result, they gave Sovereign turntable a well-earned place on that list. But to What Hi-Fi’s credit, they had little incentive to put the sovereign on that list. We haven’t reviewed or advertised with them in over a decade. Further to their credit, they didn’t even tell us! It was only by chance that we found this article while looking through reviews of the Sovereign.

Best Turntables 2022 all time Origin Live Sovereign Record Player audiophile

Sovereign is still one of the best turntables in 2022, and one of the greatest of all time.

To sum up the review, Ketan Bharadia and Simon Lucas of What Hi-Fi write:

“This vinyl player has effortless composure and gives tremendous insight into the emotion in a record’s original recording, revealing little details we hadn’t noticed even in some of our personal favourites.”

It’s certainly time to send them the latest & greatest Sovereign-S with its new, improved multi-layer platter. As a result, this incredible verdict could only get better.

A lot has changed in the 17 years since this review. Most importantly, the unbeatable sound of the Sovereign has only improved. But many of you who have traded in your turntable for the latest version will already know this. For those of you who haven’t yet done so, recent developments in the platter have pushed our turntables miles ahead of their previous versions. Above all, we would encourage you to get in touch and make the most of our trade-in offers.

To read the full 2022 article, follow the link below:

To read the original 2005 review of the Sovereign, follow the link below. Review-05.pdf

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Sovereign by Name, Sovereign by Nature

  • DC300 Swiss Motor
  • Multi-Layer Platter
  • Heavyweight Plinth
  • Light Speed Controlled Motor
  • Highest grade parts made 100% in-house, in the UK

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