Turntable Range Our Turntables have won numerous awards from a wide spectrum of Hi Fi Magazines. Stand out benefits include performance, innovation and natural musicality. This overview begins with entry level and climbs to aspirational.

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Calypso Turntable

Calypso MK4 Turntable Calypso Turntable (excludes tonearm)  £2,290 Add to Cart Calypso Turntable Review Quotes "...it will come as no surprise that I am totally smitten with this player.

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Resolution Turntable

Resolution Turntable Resolution Turntable (excludes tonearm)  £3,600 Add to Cart Resolution Turntable reviews "In fact, this arm-table combination is one of the finest performers I've heard at any price… But regardless of price, this

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Sovereign Turntable

Sovereign Turntable Sovereign Turntable (excludes tonearm)  £6,300 Add to Cart Sovereign Turntable Reviews and owners' comments "One of the best turntables in the world ….. the sound is stunning. An incredible design with amazing insight

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Voyager Turntable

Voyager High End Turntable Voyager Turntable (excludes tonearm)  £21,000 Add to Cart Voyager Performance: A new world of resolution You may be asking whether the differences between turntables are really significant, and also wondering how much to invest

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