Gravity One by Origin Live Record Weight Accessories for High End Audiophile hi fi

A Rare 10/10 from Paul Rigby for the Gravity One Record Weight

Origin Lives simple record weight gets the Audiophile Mans coveted top marks

In The Audiophile Man’s latest review, he revisits the Gravity One Record Weight. Not only is the review absolutely stellar, but what’s more, even the comments are full of praise for this easy upgrade for any deck. Rigby also highlights its effect on low-end decks as well as high-end ones! Watch the YouTube review below to hear Paul’s report.

“The Gravity One opened up the upper frequencies, it infused the soundstage with far more information…”

And it’s not just Paul who rates the Gravity One:

“This upgrade could be roughly compared to doubling the cost of any component in your stereo system.” 10 Audio, 2020

“With the Gravity One, there is an unmistakable cleaning up of the pounding lower frequencies, which sound punchier, tighter and extended deeper than normal.”
Hi-Fi Choice, February 2021

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Gravity One Record Weight
Gravity One Record Weight for Rega Linn Hi-Fi