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Dynavector 20X2 (High or Low Output) Cartridge

We are only permitted to offer the 20X and below outside the UK and only if ordered with one of our tonearms.

Dynavector 20X2 (High or Low Output) Cartridge

Dynavector 20X2 (High or Low Output) Cartridge

Dynavector 20X2 (High or low output) £849

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This Dynavector 20X2 (High or Low Output) Cartridge comes in two versions. The 20X-H (high output for MM input) and 20X-L (Low output for MC input). The designs draw from Dynavector’s top end XX-l.

The 20’s have a similar body shape to the XX-1 and share the same aluminium alloy body material. This makes a rigid platform for the cartridge motor and aids secure fitting to the arm. We picked a 6mm hard aluminium pipe cantilever with a PE (perfect elliptical) nude diamond stylus for the 20’s. This cantilever assembly is coupled to sets of coils in the 20X-H that give out a healthy 2.5 mV at a suitable impedance for most moving magnet inputs.

The 20X-L output of 0.25 mV suits most moving coil input stages. Both versions have been made available to help users get the best result for their own circumstances. The high output model suits valve pre-amps, basic amplifiers that only offer MM or amplifiers with less accomplished MC sections. Using a high output can also be of benefit if you live in an area with high radio frequency interference. The low output version scores where a system is set up with a good phono stage or very high quality MC amp input.

The 20X also features two unique benefits; flux damping and softened magnetism. These two features combine to eliminate the distortions caused by excess magnetic flux produced by the high energy magnets used in modern moving coils. A compliance of 12 cu means the 20’s will suit a wide variety of popular arms such as : Linn, Naim, SME, Well Tempered etc. Standard counterweights should be fine but a few manufacturers offer options.

Dynavector 20×2 Review Comments

“A glorious taste of the high end at real world prices, but match carefully with top quality ancillaries…”

“If you enjoy the same things in music that I do I don’t think you can improve on it at anything like the price…”

“A lithe, rather airy character is apparent the moment its stylus hits the groove, blessed with agile bass and impressive high frequency detail…”
Hi-Fi Choice

“Overall then a very fine cartridge, well worth shelling out for”
Hi-Fi Choice

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