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Dynavector DRTXV-1S Cartridge

We are only permitted to offer the 20X and below outside the UK and only if ordered with one of our tonearms.

Dynavector DRTXV-1S Cartridge

Dynavector DRTXV-1S Cartridge

Dynavector DRTXV-1S  £4,295

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The Dynavector DRTXV-1S Cartridge has a unique magnetic circuit comprising 8 small AL-NICO magnets.  The magnetic path is then divided into two. In the magnetic gap, a specially designed magnetic flux equalising piece is placed. Then on the front yokes, magnetic stabilising coils are wound. This produces a more linear magnetic field than other MC cartridges.

Dynavector’s continued research has pushed the boundaries further with the new DRTXV-1s. Although the specification remains the same a significant upgrade on both magnetic and body parts achieve a startling improvement in imaging and extension, along with a silky smooth sound over the entire frequency range.

“In my system the difference it made over a fine £1,000 cartridge was of the order of swapping a good £2,000 amp for an £8,000 single-ended amp. For those lucky audiophiles who can afford £100,000+ systems the difference may well be far more significant.”

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