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Dynavector DRTXV-1T Cartridge

We are only permitted to offer the 20X and below outside the UK and only if ordered with one of our tonearms.

Dynavector DRTXV-1T Cartridge

Dynavector DRTXV-1T Cartridge

Dynavector Cartridge DRTXV-1T  £6,495

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This high-end Dynavector DRTXV-1T Cartridge adds a silky smoothness to the musical reality which the XV cartridges have previously exhibited. As a result each instrument, performer or group is clearly imaged with a warm and rich presence. Dynavector believe that this emotive musical experience cannot be achieved by a digital source and hence with the XV-1t cartridge they have created a “Super Analog World”.

The DRTXV-1T posseses a unique square shaped armature manufactured from a carefully selected material that is both corrosion resistant and impervious to age deterioration. Ther coil windings are an incredibly small 0.16 micron that only Dynavector can manufacture. These are wound around a square shaped armature to match the square shaped hole in the front yoke. Alnico column magnets stabilise the magnetic circuits and their characteristics increase linearity of the magnetic distribution within the air gap.

Review Comments on the Dynavector DRTXV-1T

“The DV-1 offers a warm, powerful, detailed and totally unflappable cartridge. It got me closer to the live event than any cartridge or CD player I’ve heard…”
TNT Audio

“This cartridge is pretty damn special, it’s extremely natural in balance but is capable of reproducing every nuance that the record player lets it get out of the groove, and with a solidity and assurance that makes some of the competition seem nervous…”
Hi-Fi Choice

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