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Linn LP12 Upgrades

DC Motor Kit

There are a number of ways to dramatically improve the performance of virtually any deck – whether you have a Linn Sondek LP12, vpi, thorens or rega. The LP12 is probably the world’s most popular deck and as such is capable of producing outstanding results given a little extra care and attention. There are a number of excellent upgrades available. Our motor kit makes a great start to increase the performance of your turntable.


If your current tonearm is a Linn Ekos, Ittock, Akito, Basic, SMEV, Naim Arrow, Graham etc – it is well worth upgrading to one of our own arms to improve performance very significantly. We offer a variety of arms depending on your budget. It is worth mentioning that although standard Rega arms do not work particularly well on the Linn, the case for Origin Live modified arms or the Silver arm series is an entirely different story. – we supply new predrilled arm boards so that this can be easily carried out.

Upgrade Belt

Belt Upgrade

These belts contain a very special rubber not found in normal belts. The performance increase over all conventional flat belts is dramatic due to increased grip and reduced transmission of motor vibration.

Platter Mat

This platter mat is deservedly popular and works on all decks (even those with Acrylic platters) to give more warmth, depth, transparency and accurate tonal balance.

Turntable Oil

After researching countless oils on the market we stumbled across this amazing oil that betters everything we are aware of on the market.

Cartridge Isolator

The Cartridge Man Cartridge Isolator is a surprisingly effective upgrade for your front end. At £85 this is a great investment and highly recommended by those who’ve tried it.


Cartridges are a sure fire way of upgrading your deck but bear in mind that the tonearm is more important. We offer and recommend a large range of cartridges along with performance ratings.

Phono Stage

The phono stage can easily make or break a vinyl based system. This stage of amplification is absolutely crucial – more so than the pre-amp or amplifier stage – if you have any doubts about this we urge you to get a demonstration of something like the gram phono stages.