Linn LP12 Turntable Belt Upgrade

Does your Linn LP12 turntable need a replacement belt? Better still, a belt that upgrades your turntable’s performance? Made to fit all Linn decks, this humble upgrade can produce results way beyond expectations.


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“That innocuous-looking piece of rubber has a far greater effect upon the sound of a turntable than most of us realise …..The Upgrade Belt … is one of the most cost-effective changes that I have made to this deck (LP12)… and I suggest you buy one and try it. I am both amazed and impressed at the improvement it makes to the sound of my Sondek.”
– Hi-Fi World Magazine

“This is an extraordinary product. I expected an audible but marginal change. Nothing prepared me for its effect. It needed about an hour to get properly ‘run in’ – during which there was a transformation in the sound coming out of my speakers: 3D and in the room. Everything claimed in the recent email announcing this product was evident, and the comments of the reviewers reflect exactly what I heard. I am quite astounded at the difference this product has made – and all for thirty quid. Don’t think about it – just give yourself a treat.”
– Iain, Owner Comment

Upgrade Your Linn LP12 With Ease

The upgrade belt for the Linn LP12 is a fantastic performance booster for your turntable. You may just be looking for a replacement belt, but the upgrade belt from Origin live also provides an excellent opportunity to upgrade the performance of your turntable. As a result of using a specialised rubber, this belt enhances the grip between the motor’s spindle and the LP12’s platter. In addition, it will decrease the vibration transmitted into the platter of your turntable.

You may be sceptical that a small item like a turntable belt will improve the performance of your turntable. However, most people who have tried the Origin Live upgrade belt did not expect much difference, only to be shocked by the improvement.

The turntable drive belt controls the level of unwanted vibration transmitted from your Linn’s motor to the platter. After that, the vibration travels to the record, which finally feeds into your cartridge stylus. Because this chain directly impacts your deck’s performance, upgrading your standard neoprene drive belt to one of a superior rubber with a textured surface finish can deliver results well beyond expectations.

Tested, and Trialled…

Sometimes, those seemingly insignificant areas of a system can yield a surprising upgrade. As a turntable manufacturer invested in research & development, it didn’t take long to realise that the belt of the turntable itself has an inordinate influence on sound quality. We’ve invested considerable time auditioning countless belt materials, shapes, thicknesses and configurations:

i) Round belts in various materials
ii) Flat belts in various materials
iii) Cotton thread
iv) Nylon thread
v) Video & audio tape
vi) Multiple belts ranging from 1 to 3 belts at a time.

This research resulted in the discovery of a material not used in conventional belts. The results speak for themselves with any deck that uses a flat belt. You can also use the “Upgrade Belt” with any Origin Live DC Motor Kit you may be using with your Linn.

This upgrade belt for the Linn LP12 comes with a cast iron guarantee: if you are not delighted, we will refund your money.

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