Design Foremost

Design Foremost Many people struggle with the vast range of equipment in the Hi Fi market. There are numerous claims regarding uniqueness and superiority. Of course not all live up to reality. In spite of this, it’s worth highlighting the vital importance of genuine outstanding design. Some companies invest

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Our Values and Philosophy

Our Values and Philosophy We aim high and this is reflected in Our Values and Philosophy: Class-leading sound  – Whether high end or more affordable, products must exceed market expectations and deliver a significant upgrade to your listening experience. Value for money – Outstanding innovation, engineering and sound quality take

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Value for Money

Value for Money There are a few people who complain about price and the value of high-end products. This brief article is an attempt to explain why our products are valued the way that they are. We owe it to people to explain a little further why you get value for money

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Contact We are Always Happy to Help Feel free to contact us with any enquiries and comments. You can contact us via telephone or email. For initial contact please use the enquiry form and we’ll get back to you. You are also welcome to arrange a visit or demonstration

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Origin Live's History Origin Live is a specialist firm located in Southampton UK.  Founded by audio enthusiast Mark Baker, we started building Hi Fi products in a garage. Mark’s ear for sound quality and extensive engineering experience as a Naval Architect proved to be highly applicable to

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About Us

About Origin Live Design British designed and manufactured. World-class Hi-Fi from one of the UK's leading manufacturers. Better Original thinking. Leaders aren't following the crowd. Risk Free Satisfaction guaranteed. Or your money back.

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