AC Motor Troubleshooting

Problems with AC Turntable Motor replacement AC Turntable Motor Replacement This article can help you diagnose and solve your AC motor problems. To simply replace an AC synchronous turntable motor with the same again is not as easy as installing our DC motor kits for the following reasons.

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Tonearm Troubleshooting

Tonearm Troubleshooting We understand the frustration that occurs when a system malfunctions. Tonearms need to be set up correctly and are one of the more potentially problematic items of equipment. This is a list of problems and solutions to hopefully get you out of trouble. To save time

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Turntable Troubleshooting

Turntable Troubleshooting Speed variation If there is significant speed variation do not open up the motor pod as the Light Speed Control (LSC) LEDs and PCB are carefully aligned. You can easily cause problems by moving things inadvertently. The possible causes of speed variation are as follows. If

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Hearing a Hum

Troubleshooting Hum Problems Hum problems in audio can be notoriously difficult to track down. Usually they result from earth loops between equipment that creates a mains derived voltage oscillation that feeds into the signal path in your amplification. This is then amplified internally by your amplifier to produce

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Troubleshooting Hi-Fi equipment Troubleshooting Hi-Fi systems can be tricky. We have compiled information which we hope you'll find useful and always welcome new contributions. Troubleshooting Hum Troubleshooting Turntables Troubleshooting Tonearms Troubleshooting Cartridges Motor and power supplies Cleaning Records

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