Turbo Charging Your Deck to Outperform High End Turntables

Turntable, Upgrades
Black Ultra DC Motor Kit Front View

This article is to let you know how to dramatically boost the performance of your turntable, whether you own a budget or a high end deck. The way this is achieved was recently awarded a full five globes in Hi–Fi World, for yielding stunning improvements to all musical aspects of the sound. They say “a taste of the high-end at a rock bottom price.”

Upgrading to a high end turntable is costly. The good news is that you can achieve similar or better results and save yourself an awesome amount of money. This is especially true, in light of the fact that many high end decks are well off the pace compared to the real performance leaders.

A good place to start is the turntable power supply. Unsurprisingly, most people are highly sceptical of claims that an inexpensive power supply is far more rewarding in terms of sound quality than say, a £3000 cartridge upgrade.

 Not only are the latest Origin Live motor kits inexpensive but they are unique in terms of performance superiority, it is easy to spend 10 times the amount on other supplies and still not come close to those offered by Origin Live.

The NEW special supply for the Technics can power two Decks at the same time, so if you are a DJ with a pair of Technics, then ask for the twin supply version. As this supply costs the same as a single output version you make a tremendous saving.