Why Use an Upgrade Transformer

Black Origin Live Ultra DC Motor Kit

A number of you have asked for advice on options for the motor kits. I am listing these below. To understand the logic behind these it’s helpful to briefly examine the function of the upgrade transformer.

The upgrade transformer is a great way to dramatically improve the performance of any dc motor kit. In fact, anyone who hears the comparison with the standard wall-wart, almost invariably orders one because the difference is so obvious.

Why? For dynamic performance, motors need to draw very high current for millisecond periods. Not only this but they need current instantaneously which means any resistance in the electrical path is going to reduce supply in much the same way as trying to get the entire Niagara Falls to flow through a relatively small pipe.

The upgrade transformer has a much lower impedance (resistance) than the standard wall-wart and is capable of nearly 20 times the current delivery. This goes some way to explaining why it is such an effective upgrade but there are other factors which are more subtle.

If you are considering ordering the motor kit then the following options hierarchy may help in apportioning your budget to best effect.

Option 1 = Advanced Motor Kit gives a brilliant upgrade at £345
Option 2 = Add the upgrade transformer at £180 to give a large further leap in performance.
Option 3 = Ultra Motor Kit instead of Advanced at £570 with upgrade transformer £180 = £750
Option 4 = Add DC200 motor instead of DC100 to option 3 which adds £132